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How resilient are you? That is the real question that you must consider. You own a small manufacturing business with a healthy profit and loss and balance sheet, but during a severe economic downturn, demand falls and you begin to return trading losses. Are you going to be able to ride out the storm? Some customers will default, leaving you with a need for finance to...

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Expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised ~ Denis Waitly The implications of any potential change will differ from business to business. To assess implications for your business, there are a number of questions you may consider. Naturally these would include what is the likelihood of change and what is the likely pace of change. There are also questions that are more...

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Financially there’s a lot at stake for retailers during the holidays. It’s no surprise retailers are asking, "At what point do I begin my holiday promotions? How do I avoid pushing the limits of good taste and try shoppers' patience?" It is common to think that the moment Halloween ends is the unofficial start of the holiday season, but that is not what the shopper is...

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C.F. Kettering once said, “Making accurate predictions of the future is a difficult, if not an impossible task, however the process of forecasting can be valuable.” In some cases, clear trends or changes can be predicted with confidence and where that is not the case, looking into the future helps identify potential risks and opportunities. History teaches that there will be events – significant events –...

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